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GIA Georgia is Georgia’s First International Financial Services Advisory Firm

 GIA Georgia is an American-Georgian joint venture formed in 2005 to provide financial services to Georgian governments, corporations and banks. The American majority owner of GIA Georgia is Global Investment Advisors (GIA), formed in 1991, and the only international consulting firm, that

   Devotes full time to rating agency advisory
   Is independent with no underwriting conflict of interest
   Has decades of rating agency management and analytical experience
   Comprises senior specialists, not junior generalists
   Has established an office in Tbilisi with Georgian expertise

GIA Georgia comprises three Divisions:

I. Credit Rating Division

The Credit Rating Division assists Georgian governments, banks and companies to

 1. Obtain the best credit rating possible from an international rating agency
2. Minimize borrowing costs
3. Raise their profile and attractiveness to investment in the international markets
4. Anticipate the rating consequences of budgetary and financing options
5. Understand critical credit rating issues in your business
6. Make highly effective presentations to the rating agencies and other external audiences
7. Actively manage rating agency relations
8. Take charge of their ratings future

II. The Investment Division

This Division of GIA Georgia finds lenders and investors for clients and facilitates the investment process for all parties. We provide these services:

1. Introduce the client to new institutional investors
2. Act as client’s liaison with external investors and assist in negotiations with them
3. Advise on the investment process and insure all investor requirements are met
4. Assist in preparing the key documents required for an investment and a share market listing, such as an Offering Memorandum
5. Ensure that all the client’s documents are prepared to international standards of transparency and language
6. Develop strategies to present the client’s strengths in the proper light
7. Minimize the client’s internal staff costs, by “outsourcing” a portion of the investment function to GIA Georgia
8. Provide evaluations of potential investors, including the pros and cons for each one
9. Introduce international customers to the Georgian client
10. Perform due diligence of these potential partner companies
11. Assist in getting loans from different institutional or private investors

III. The International Marketing Division

This Division introduces Georgian companies, e.g., wine makers, to overseas clients, thereby raising global exposure, sales and exports. We provide these services:

 1. Supporting a client’s staff in developing a suitable marketing plan
2. Helping the client create marketing tools directed toward targeted overseas markets, clients and customers
3. Ensuring that all marketing documents and brochures are well constructed and written in perfect English
4. Marketing the client’s professional image overseas through the client’s website and publications (e.g., the annual report)
5. Accompanying the client on visits to meet potential customers overseas in order to make first-hand introductions and presentations
6. Utilizing our global network to find the right match or target for the client
  The majority shareholder in GIA Georgia is Global Investment Advisors, Inc. (GIA), a U.S. based capital markets advisory firm that specializes in credit ratings, credit bureaus and foreign investment...

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 The minority shareholder in GIA Georgia is National Credit Information Bureau (NCIB), Georgia’s first and only credit information service, founded in 2002 by Mr. Ayety Kukava. Mr. Kukava is the Georgia-based Managing Director of GIA Georgia...

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