GIA Georgia has a unique credit rating advisory service that helps clients prepare for acquiring their first credit rating or for achieving an upgrade. A credit rating helps Georgian companies compete better in the market for funds.

We provide these services:

   Understanding the Rating Process

• Assistance in obtaining your first rating from an international rating agency
• Rating agency objectives and motives—how they differ from yours
• Rating agency concerns—how to identify and address them
• Quantitative analysis: Key credit quality measurements and ratios

  Preparing for an Agency Due Diligence Visit

• Setting the agenda and designing the presentation—what the agencies need
• Critique of your presentation materials; explaining what the agencies really want
• Questions the agencies will likely ask you—and the best answers
• Developing counter-arguments to their negative views and concerns
• Onsite training and coaching
• Strategies and tactics in agency meetings, with rehearsals as needed

  Raising and Protecting your Ratings

• Essential steps to raising your long-term and short-term ratings
• The constraints to an upgrade—and how to overcome them
• How to protect your ratings from a downgrade

  Developing and Maintaining a Constructive Relationship with the Agencies

• The steps to building issuer credibility—the foundation of a constructive relationship
• Between-meeting communications; managing the process over time
• Protecting your local government from unfair treatment by the agencies
• The dozen Do’s and Don’ts of agency relations